Friday, 5 December 2014

Announcement: Women in Business



For last year's celebration of International Women' Day, Women in Business under the leadership of Dr. Cheryl Cottle hosted a week long radio broadcast summit on Women in Business Radio. Our theme was: Successfully Forging a Livelihood through Entrepreneurship in keeping with the theme for International Women' Day. We reflected on what is International Women's Day and what it means to us. We also looked back on the historic journey taken by the women in the early part of the 1900s to strive for social, political, and economic empowerment, and the overall success we have achieved as women.

We also reflected on the journey that we have ahead as women to make sure that we continue to maintain our accomplishments, and strive towards forward movements to ensure our political stance is sustainable — never going back to where it was. We also looked at issues of entrepreneurship as an educational choice at college or universities, the role of women entrepreneurs in the education of the younger generation of women to be entrepreneurs, and the importance of making a global connection, plus more. It was a celebration of women entrepreneurs that showcased entrepreneurship as a viable vocation for women. It is an area that we can be leaders and a space where we can reach glass ceilings.

Over 20 women participated in this "marathon radio program". The women who participated were involved in business from diverse sectors and industries and with varying sizes in business, and they came from the USA, Canada, Africa and the Caribbean. To read more about last year's International Women' Day celebration by Women in Business, see this link.

This year's International Women' Day will also be celebrated by the leadership of Women in Business; Dr. Cheryl Cottle. It will be a Women in Business Summit entitled "The Mental Health and Physical Health and Well-being of Women Entrepreneurs" and it will be in keeping with the International Women's Day theme for this year
"Make it Happen." The format is similar to last year's. It will be a week long marathon broadcast on Women in Business Radio. It will consist of 4 panels. One will include, women with expert knowledge and experience who will be invited to talk about; what it is means when we talk about mental and physical well-ness? What factors are responsible for its cause? What are some illnesses we experience. Two, we will also require women experts to talk about traditional care and whether they recommend any alternative care modalities; and to talk about those. Thirdly, we will also have another panel with women who will share their personal experiences, and fourthly, a panel consisting of women who recommend alternative care in the different modalities.

Our listening audience can call in to ask a question and share their experiences. If you are interested in participating in this event, please inquire at: for more details.

Date of event: February, 2015 (first week of February and ending on the 8th)


If you are interested in being a guest on Women in Business Radio, please inquire at: For more details about us, you can see us at our radio station.


Women in Business Learning Academy is our latest initiative of Dr. Cottle and an add on to Women in Business. This year Dr. Cottle will be including some professional educational courses for women entrepreneurs. They will be offered online and off-line. To facilitate this initiative Dr. Cottle will be in search of instructors to facilitate some of her courses. For details, please inquire at

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