Sunday, 14 December 2014

Business Tips!

  1. Form connection with individuals in your industry and business sector. Join groups, participate, and be visible. Let others know who you are. Let them know your business philosophy and your brand.
  2. Include spirituality in your business regardless of its size. Show love towards others. Respect your employees, clients and whom ever you interact with to make your business a success. Value others for what they bring to the table. Be compassionate. Develop a culture of love, respect and appreciation. 
  3. Give your self permission to be creative and innovative. Let your creativity shine. Be proud of who you are and love yourself. 
  4. High self-esteem, high self-worth, high self-concept and self-love will guide you to become more successful in what ever you choose to do. These attributes also enable you to realize your dream of living a life that has meaning and purpose. 
  5. As business women, we should have a contingency plan built into our business plan in the instance we get sick or become disabled. A contingency plan will enable you to proactively think about your cash flow should you not able to manage your business in such situation. It will help you to keep your business afloat. It also ensures that you will have a way of dealing with the medical expenses that will occur. 
  6. Remember that business is about building relationship with others. You just cannot do it alone. Remember to build a relationship, it takes time. It is a slow and gradual process and it also relies upon people knowing who you are, as well as building trust. You have to be open and prepared to share somethings about yourself. People work with and do business with people that they trust. 
  7. Have am accountability partner for sharing and receiving positive feedback to keep you inspired, motivated and result-oriented.
  8. Keep a journal to remind you of your vision and the goals that you will like to achieve. Let it serve as a reminder that these are what I want to achieve and ways of achieving them.
  9. Manage your mental health and physical health well-ness by using a holistic approach to well-ness that takes into account your mental, physical and spiritual well-ness.
  10. Ask for support, don't do it all alone. You will burnout.

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