Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™. I have always had an interest in designing a journal for women, with the particular focus on entrepreneurship. Through this publication, I hope to cover articles and editorials the personal experiences of women, and stories that reflect women entrepreneurship, representing women from all over the world. I have learned that through the sharing of our stories, experiences, knowledge and challenges, we learn a great deal from each other.

This publication is intended to bring women together through their shared stories and at the same time build them as they grow. It is also very informative and educational, providing opportunities for us to grow our knowledge to enhance our personal development and grow our businesses. I also believe in inspiring and motivating each other to continue what every entrepreneurial venture we have chosen, as a result the quote corner provides some beautiful quotes to keep us inspired.

It is also my desire to continue inspiring and empowering the women who read this journal knowing it is a publication written by women for women. The contributors are the "everyday woman" who finds great joy and delight in sharing the materials they create; some of whom this is their first time writing. As the Editor of this journal, I would also like to open up the space to allow women's creativity and expressions — not just as entrepreneurs but as budding authors. For some, it will be a challenge, but for others it will be an achievement that “I too can do something creative."

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