Thursday, 11 December 2014

You Can Have it All!

Author: Dr. Carol Soloway

As entrepreneurs we don’t have to choose between a career and a family. We can have it all. 

Here are the secrets: 
1. Budget time and energy by planning on a monthly basis. A week is over before you put down your planning pen from Monday. With work projects, children’s school and sports activities, you have to keep a time budget. If you make a calendar a month in advance, you know where the gaps are in the children’s schedules and gear up at work during those times. As entrepreneurs, we’re in control of our schedules — or else why be an entrepreneur? 

I remember sitting in my office with my waiting room filled with patients. I looked down at my calendar and realized my grandson was playing his first tennis match that day. Time had gotten away from me and I hadn’t planned the month as I’m suggesting. I was resentful about missing his game, and the patients were going to feel it. So, I asked the front office person to reschedule everyone to the next day since I had an emergency. I did — my needs. The next day, I started earlier, worked through lunch, and left later, but each and every patient had my undivided attention AND I had taken care of me. 

TAKE AWAY: This could have been avoided had I scheduled for the entire month. We need to control our lives — in the office and out — because that’s what will make us soar.

2. Speaking about control, the only way to succeed is to delegate. It’s sometimes hard to do, especially for us perfectionists, but it’s the only way. You’d be surprised, someone in the office could actually open the mail. A neighbor could actually take your child to school while you attend that critical meeting, but a neighbor can’t tuck your child in at night and read a bedtime story. Plan your time without stressing yourself. 

TAKE AWAY: We should only be doing the tasks that are important. The money we spend delegating will give us freedom to achieve more than we could ever have imagined and will make us soar. 

3. Speaking about perfectionists, most entrepreneurs think they have to be perfect. Fact is, we aren’t always perfect. We need a support group where we can ask for help. I’ve had several support groups in my 30-year career, but the most productive meetings were those where we admitted we needed help. We were able to give each other constructive solutions. We weren’t looking for empty praise. At the end of one late night meeting with constructive on-point advice for each person, we declared ourselves, “recovering perfectionists.” 

TAKE AWAY: There is a time and place to ask for help. We should each have a safe, non-work and non-family haven. Truly participating in such a group will make us soar.

In summary, it is possible to be a successful business woman without sacrificing anything. Sacrifice only leads to resentment and makes us less productive. Go for it all and do it with gusto — you deserve it.

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