Sunday, 14 December 2014

When Your Purpose exceeds Your Pocketbook

Author: Tia Aracen

Not everyone knows what a “pocketbook” is, and that is OK! I have fond memories of my dear grandmother instructing us to go in her pocket book and fish out a certain treat or a few dollars to get something at the corner store. In her world, the pocketbook was the center of it all and its contents determined one’s ability to do and go places. A proper lady would never be caught without this precious item by her side, it was her status symbol, her security, could double as a defense system, and a fashion statement! A lot of pressure for a humble little bag. So many of us are growing a business and following the road of our life purpose, determined to make a difference in the world. However, we find that our impact is often limited by the size and contents of our “pocketbooks”. Big dreams fall hard when the money isn’t there to hold it up. So many times PURPOSE gives way to Practicality when the hard facts of reality start to set in. The fact is, BIG VISIONS require BIG DOLLARS. There is no getting around it. Even if you chose to personally live at the very foot of poverty (I don’t recommend it!) you still need funds to get your message, your gift, YOU, out into the world. 

Is the only option to limit your purpose, your very message, to the size of your pocketbook?! Absolutely not! Imagine the darkness that would be our world if past visionaries sulked away in defeat as soon as their own resources came to an end! The answer is to enlist the resources of others, and combine forces. You need three key components to bring your vision to life in a BIG way: (1) Authentic Service, (2) Established Influence, and (3) Sustainable Wealth 

Authentic Service These are your warriors. They may have nothing else to give, except their time and heart, but that is where their POWER resides. Regardless of your purpose you cannot do it all by yourself. You need a strong team of dedicate people to put in the physical time. Cultivating relationships with people that share your life purpose and can align with your vision is the best way to ensure your purpose is expanded beyond your own physical capabilities. 

Established Influence When you KNOW that your purpose and your mission is to go big and be a game changer there is no running away from the fact that influence beyond your own limitations is necessary. If you just look at your own life you may see a void in influence, whether it be geographic, social or economic. How to fill that gap? Joint Venture (JV) Partners! These are people that have what you need, and are willing to partner with you to make it happen. You have to know your own limitations and your own strengths because you will be bringing them both to the table when you sit down to form JV partnerships. These unique and highly valuable relationships literally exchange weakness for strength. What you lack, someone else has, and what you have, someone else needs. You will have to become vulnerable and creative but it is SO worth the journey. Step into greatness with a rock star team of visionaries! 

Sustainable Wealth You must deal with the currency of your day. It doesn’t matter how dedicated you and your team are to your purpose and vision, if you do not have the cold hard cash to make it work, there are going to be problems. Let’s be honest, there are so many ways to get the funding that you need to live and walk in your purpose. Whether from a traditional job, the public or direct sells, you have options. My absolute favorite though is Corporate Sponsorship. If you know anything about me, you KNEW I was going to say it! It literally oozes out of me. WHY is it my favorite form of financing your purpose? Well let me count the ways! It is renewable, growing, accessible, versatile and once secured allows you to carry out your purpose without a continual trade of “dollars for hours”. That is always the struggle right? How many hours can you actually devote to financing your dreams, while still having TIME left to actually PURSUE them. With Sponsorship, you devote some time upfront, get it done, then you get about fulfilling your purpose with the security and backing of renewable dollars. 

There is no excuse for a head hung in defeat. You have a purpose, it is a BIG one, and now you have to get about gathering the tools that you don’t already have in your pocketbook to get it done. Can’t wait to see you out there doing your thing!

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