Thursday, 11 December 2014

Yvette-Michelle: Creative Entrepreneurs

Creative entrepreneurs are individuals with great drive and passion with a penchant to do what they love and find pleasure doing so. Most creatives lead very meaningful lives that are dictated by them. Most of them has broken away from society's norms and values and have found their own niche, where they do not respond to no one's beat, but their own.

Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby is a creative entrepreneur who owns and manages a creative studio in downtown Barrie in Ontario Canada. Her business is called crafted spaces and it is indeed a stop that one can go to to awaken their creativity. Yvette-Michelle provides services in sewing, knitting, embroidering, crocheting and other creative crafts.  Her audience include children from the age of 6 years to teenage years, as well as women, and men. Her mother-daughter creative classes are wonderful in that she does not only teach them a craft, but is able to foster a bond between mothers and heir daughters that will last a life time. 

Are you a creative? What's your niche?

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