Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™ is a yearly journal developed by Dr. Cheryl Cottle of Cottle's Professional Consulting (CPC) and her affiliated program Women in Business. It is a journal that is written by women for women and is dedicated to the overall empowerment of women internationally. The journal is intended to be transformational in that the women that we touch with our stories and editorials will live lives that are fulfilling and purposeful and at the same time they will be able to embrace entrepreneurship and achieve economic growth. Through it we hope to inform, educate, motivate and empower women in every walk of life and in every part of the globe.

The journal will address issues that concern women in business overall. Writers can submit an article, a poem, photography — and this year we have extended it to also include short stories written by women. Articles should be no shorter than 350 words and not exceeding 700 words, except in exceptional cases. Documents should be written in Word format. All materials submitted must be original pieces written by the contributor. All our contributors are expected to submit a stand -alone head shot and can also include another photograph of themselves; and a link to their website and blog. Our writers can also include a business card size ad to be included in our Business Directory. Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal is also seeking sponsors. If you are interested to be a sponsor, you can contact us for more details. Your business will also be published in our sponsorship page. In addition, we offer advertisement in our journal including whole page, center pages, back inside, back outside, and front inside, plus some smaller spaces. Please inquire for more details at 

The finish product will be published as an online journal or PDF document. All contributors to the journal will be acknowledged for their contribution (s). Deadline for all final article(s) submissions is October, 2014, but it was extended to November. If however you require some additional time to complete, it will be granted by the editor. Article submissions are free! The journal will be published by the end of December of each year. As the editor of this publication, Dr. Cottle will like to have the exclusive rights to the submission (s) and is given full use of the article for any form of publications, in all media without compensation to the contributor; at a later date. Every contributor to the journal will be acknowledged, always. 

Please be reminded that all contributions are free. We would also be utilizing other print format for our publication which would be sold and donated. Experienced, as well as first time writers are welcome to submit an article, a poem or a piece of art work or photography. Finally, if you have contributed to the design and development of Volume 1 and Volume 2, we ask for your support in printing it in other formats, as well as designing it for sale. Thanks for your support in making this journal available for more women globally to benefit from our publication of Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™

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