Women in Business™ is designed for women entrepreneurs and is an integral portfolio of Cottle's Professional Consulting with two mandate, one is for profit while the other serves to facilitate and promote women entrepreneurship at a global level. Women in Business was introduced to Dr. Cottle's consulting firm in 2005. Our membership consists of women who actively run and manage their own businesses. We are a group for business women who have birthed a business concept and are actively developing a viable and sustainable business venture. Education, training, motivation and empowerment are the key focus of Women in Business ™ 

The group is built on Dr. Cottle's belief in the theory of social interaction and constructivist theory of learning. Dr. Cottle believes that online forums can be modeled along the lines of face-to-face groups to encourage social interaction and facilitate meaningful networking. It is also based on the notion that collaboratively, we can generate information, and create knowledge to facilitate each others knowledge building capacity. Dr. Cottle also believes that online groups can serve as a catalyst for informal learning providing a non-threatening and non-judgmental environment to facilitate sharing and learning. 

Women in Business™ is a woman-focused group designed for:
  1. Women in Business
  2. Women interested in going into business
  3. Individuals interested in the topic of entrepreneurship
Women in Business™ addresses issues surrounding women entrepreneurs, regardless of geography and culture. Women from around the world, in all areas of business are therefore invited to join and participate. The group provides an opportunity for businesswomen to share their experiences, learn from each other, and to find solutions to their business challenges. It is also a space where the members can network in a constructive way.
Women in Business™ is also intended to be a learning environment where members learn from each other, generate ideas and create new knowledge on how to grow their businesses. WIB is not an advertising forum; however, there are opportunities for members to network, showcase their business and share their websites, blogs, and other web links.
While it is a group dedicated to women entrepreneurship it did not begin as a group that was exclusive of women only. men were invited and encouraged to join and participate. Their involvement, opinions and experiences could add to the discussion and could be very informative and transformative. To become a member, individuals require approval by the Admin before becoming a member. 


  • Monday: Training and Development Day — a question or discussion topic is posted for members' response. 
  • Tuesday: Share a Challenge Day — every one can share a challenge that they have had to overcome in the past year, one that they hope not to repeat. 
  • Wednesday: Free Ad Day — members can post their business promotions, events, webinars, sales. seminars and conferences, etc., with a link to a page that says "LIKE" in the thread. 
  • Thursday: Women in Business Hangout or Discussion Day members can also share a quote and a blog post. 
  •  Friday: Training and Development Day — Members can share a link to an article that they believe is helpful to our membership. 
  • Saturday: Administrative Pick of the Week — a member is selected by the administrator on overall participation and accessed and is selected and promoted on the wall for a week. On this day members are asked to share a quote and provide feedback on how the administration of Women in Business can better make the space more conducive for learning, to inspire, to motivate and empower members. 
  •  Sunday: Share your mantra that works for you! Members are also asked to share one strategy that you use to find balance in their lives and well as share how it has helped them. 

  • Women in Business has a membership of 14, 500 members and growing
  • Our membership is primarily a homogeneous group comprising of over 75% of our membership, women business owners owned 
  • Over 90% of our membership is women with about 10% men 
  • Approximately 32% of the membership is between the ages of 35 -44 years old. This is followed by 23% between the ages of 45-54 years; with 15% at 25-34 years old and 11% between the ages of 55-64 and to a similar extent 4% over 65+ years 
  • Our largest member population is from the United States. This is followed by Canada, Europe, Trinidad and Tobago, India, Australia, South Africa, India, Mexico, Jamaica and the Philippines. 
  • Some of the most popular businesses are: Business Coaches and Mentors Creative Entrepreneurs in the areas of: Clothing and Jewellery Designers Professional business owner; including Naturopathic Doctors and Lawyers Many of our members are also Authors, Journalist, and Speakers 


  1. Women in Businessaddresses issues surrounding women in business regardless of geography and culture — women in all areas of business are invited to join and participate. 
  2. We provide creative promotional and marketing strategies that work for your business
  3. Provide mentoring to develop your entrepreneurial skills, to grow your business
  4. Provide useful informational material that will inform your knowledge on entrepreneurship 
  5. We provide coaching to help you to get rid of your self-esteem issues and give you the ability to network without limiting-beliefs 
  6. Provide marketing resources, tools and business knowledge 
  7. Provide a space to share your business goals, challenges and expertise 
  8. Provide a Quote Corner to motivate and inspire 
  9. Provide a Quote Corner to stimulate women-to-women business discourse 
  10. Members can also be a quest on Women in Business Radio as an expert or promote their own business or event 
  11. Members can also choose to be a contributing author to Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™ 
  12. Members can also chose to have a Business Profile done as a way of marketing and promoting her self and her business
CALL FOR WRITERS: — For Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal™. This is an annual online publication. We are always in search for women writers to submit articles for our Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal . Experienced writers and novices are required. Our journal covers all areas of women entrepreneurship. In addition to writers, we also welcome contributors in the area of photography, poetry and artist/painter. If this is some thing that you will like to participate in, email me for more details at: ccottle@drcottle.com

We are looking for women-owned business owners across business sectors and industries from across the globe. If you want to show your support to this project, we will be happy to get your commitment. We look forward to our members support from all across the globe including, USA, Canada, India, Africa, Japan, China, etc., For more details, email Dr. Cheryl Cottle at:ccottle@drcottle.com

WOMEN IN BUSINESS RADIO GUEST: A guest on Women in Business Radio show
if you are interested in being on the show contact Dr. Cottle at ccottle@drcottle.com 

CALL FOR BUSINESS PROFILE: We are looking for businesswomen across sectors and from across the globe to participate in our Women in Business Business profile. Our business profile is opened to women internationally. For an opportunity to have your business professionally done, write us at ccottle@drcottle.com for more details. 


Women in Business Global Empowerment Network™ 
The Women in Business Global Empowerment Network is the intellectual heartbeat of Women in Business ™. It is a mastermind group consisting of women in business who are support Dr. Cheryl Cottle and her agenda to further the emancipation of women throughout the world to celebrate their economic, social and political empowerment. It is a global group in that our membership comes from every part of the globe. It has international reach. This group is primarily design as a space where women in business can continue the discussion on how to facilitate the empowerment of women at an international level and to continue the achievement of the women who had fought and was able to establish their freedom in terms of social, economic and psychological and which is marked by the International Women's' Day. The objective 9of the group is two fold (1) Through this forum, we will be able to brainstorm and trouble-shoot ideas that can lead to the implementation of great events to mark our success and to guarantee our climb towards emancipation, and (2)To network and find joint-projects that we can all benefit from.

Women in Business Mentoring Programme ™
The Women in Business Mentoring Programme ™ is designed for women who have a business venture and are faced with challenges in the development of their business. The programme will provide support and provide education and training in business management and entrepreneurship. We also hope to engage collaborative knowledge sharing and knowledge creation, from which each woman will be able to take from it that piece of knowledge or information that will make her business grow. Each of us will serve as an expert to help resolve situations. Remember we all come to the table with experiences, ideas, and point-of-views, and it is these that we will rely upon to help us transform our thinking and our businesses.
Cottle’s Professional Consulting
Cottle's Professional Consulting is an independent consulting company that provides services in business development strategies for small businesses and women-owned businesses. We also offer professional development services, including mentoring and consultation. As part of our business development portfolio, we have developed a women-focused initiative entitled "Women in Business." It is dedicated to the development of women internationally in the area of entrepreneurship and empowerment.

Women in Business Empowerment Women in Business Fan Page was established on May 4, 2011 when I had to make changes to my group — Women in Business. Facebook was implementing some changes and my group was marked to be removed by them — threatened with being made obsolete. In order to keep my membership, I created a Fanpage with the same name. Sometime after doing so, Facebook kept my group; it wan no longer removed and as a result I was now left with both my group and Fan page Women in Business. Women in Business Fan Page focuses on the Empowerment and Development of the Woman by focusing on her Mental, Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Development. We continue to address issues surrounding women in business, regardless of geography and culture. Women in all areas of business are invited to join and participate. 
As a fan of Women in Business Fan Page, you can:

  1. Members can post their services or invitations on the "Wall’
  2. If you are not a member your information will be removed)
  3. You can add videos and photographs
  4. You can contribute to the discussion
  5. You can add a new discussion
  6. You can suggest topics that you want to see discussed
  7. Members can post a link to their website
  8. Members can promote, market and advertise their services and products through Fan page promotion! 

What's New in 2015;

  • International Women's Day Celebration
  • Providing Consulting Services to business owners in website design and development
  • Women in Business Profile
  • Conducting quarterly Meet & Greet
  • Monthly Networking Over Coffee
  • End of the Year Networking Award Giving Event
  • Reintroducing members' business promotion in the group 
  • Call for Writers and other Contributors for 2015 Women in Business Journal Publication
  • Call for Guest for Women in Business Radio
  • The Launch of the Women in Business Online Learning Academy

 For more information contact Dr. Cheryl Cottle at: drccottle@gmail.com
To qualify for a FREE Women in Business Profile, please fill out this form: 

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