We are grateful to the women who contributed to this year's publication of Simply Inspirational For Women in Business Journal ™ Volume III. To those of you who contributed in the past years, thank you for believing in our vision. To all the women who are for the first time participating, thanks and we look forward to your continued partnership as  we develop another publication.

Scroll down or click on the names below to learn more about our contributors:

Tai Aracen is a bilingual Spanish and English speaker and coach in personal development, entrepreneurship and marketing. Her company, Tai Aracen International, LLC focuses on creating entrepreneurship and personal development training specifically for Latin and Black women. Tai graduated from high school at the age of 15 and entered college soon after. After graduating form college she embarked on achieving her childhood dream by becoming a lawyer. In 2007 Tai left her career in law and devoted her time to the community and started a nonprofit organization that supported economic development in disadvantaged communities.That same year, Tai begin working as a business consultant providing support to minority women by providing entrepreneur training. Here is Tia's article - When your purpose exceeds your pocketbook

Yvette-Michelle Cottle Darby has been a creative entrepreneur for over twenty years. She is a designer, maker, instructor, web designer and creative business consultant. Yvette-Michelle owns and manages two businesses. She established Verona Collections in 1994 and designs limited-edition fashion accessories. In 2011 she started Crafted Spaces which provides creative design classes, workshops and other services that helps others to explore their creativity. Yvette-Michelle is also a member of Dr. Cheryl Cottle's team. She works extensively on the various projects, including the Women in Business Mentoring Programme and the development of this journal. Her expertise in web site design and development, graphic design and social media has been invaluable.

When teachers told her she was a good writer, Pat Matson knew they were wrong because she didn’t have to work hard for it at all. That’s how one’s gift comes disguised! Tightening up her copy writing skills and weaving them into her experiences in corporate America and Virtual Assistance, Pat revels in the writing of blogs, e-zines and articles with a moral or spiritual message for entrepreneurs, especially life coaches or spiritual coaches. Here is Pat's article - The sweetness of self motivation inside the nature of a woman

Dr. Cheryl Cottle is the founder and editor in chief of Simply Inspirational for Women in Business™. She is also the founder of Cottle's Professional Consulting and is based in Canada and the Caribbean. Dr. Cottle has dedicated herself to living a life that is meaningful and she strongly believes that women can be great examples for each other. She also believes that women entrepreneurs regardless of where they are from globally, can learn from each other, become educated, inspired, motivated, and empowered. Dr. Cottle offers a range of educational, professional and business development services. She has developed Women in Business and has recently launched Women in Business Mentoring Programme and as an addition to her social and business initiatives, Dr. Cottle will be launching in the new year Women in Business Learning Academy, which will be online in the initial stage of development.

Theresa Ann Campbell is a brand strategist and business mentor for women entrepreneurs who are in their first year of business. She had several years working in corporate America as a marketing executive for a prominent corporation in Los Angeles.In 2011, Ms. Campbell transitioned into her won business. She is located in California. Theresa is the Founder and Director of Be Next Entertainment - The Art and Science of Bold Living. As the Principal Mentor and Consultant of her business, Ms. Campbell  works with emerging entrepreneurs helping them realize the fundamental role that branding, marketing and image play in achieving their personal and professional goals. Theresa attended the University of California where she majored in Broadcast Journalism and East Asian Culture. Here is Theresa's article: Steps to Success.

Allison Valentine Joseph is an author and is a great writer and story teller. She is skilled in romance stories and Caribbean folk tales. Ms. Valentine Joseph is from Trinidad and Tobago, but has been residing in the United States of America for several years with her husband, son and daughter. Allison has written several books including:  Jan’s Mysterious Adventure – Juvenile Fiction – published 12/2006. Sandy – Romance Fiction – published 8/2007. Leigh’s Story - Romance Fiction – published 4/2009 and Coming soon – A Near Fatal Twist Romance Fiction. The Forest Is Our Home - Juvenile Fiction

Dr. Carol Soloway is a chiropractor and has been running a successful chiropractic business for over 30 years before passing it on to her son. Today she still works in the industry, but her primary love is for her new book: Sex Happens. Carol zest for life spills over in every think she does. She has been a guest twice on Women in Business Radio where she talks about :challenges in business and maintaining longevity: how to make your biological age out weighs your chronological age. You can join her in Women in Business Radio archive. Although, Dr. Carol Soloway still works in the industry, she is passionately absorbed in promoting and marketing her book. Her article - You Can Have it All!


Donya Zimmerman is the principle owner of Family and Community Mediation and Business Consulting. It provides mediation services and business consulting services to individuals, small businesses, non-profit organizations, and mid-sized businesses. Her services are organized into four areas: mediation, business information, and minority- owned business certification completion, and workshops/training seminars for potential business owners. Donya's business is located in Baltimore, Maryland. In addition to a business owner, Ms. Zimmerman is also a successful lawyer and has been for over 15 years. Donya is also a contributing writer with the Maryland Daily Examiner Newspaper. Ms. Zimmerman is also a strong advocate for incorporating spirituality into business.

Ms. Donya Zimmerman has contributed four articles to the publication.

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