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What it means to live meaningfully?

If you have been toying with the concept of what is a meaningful life and questioning can I achieve it? And or have ever thought, if it is an innate and divine gift to live a meaningful life and felt that it was beyond your grasp or achievement? Listen to the women share their most innermost secrets and experience on what is meaningful living, in my Women in Business Radio broadcast, by joining us in archive. In October, 2013 we looked at meaningful living and we shared with our audience what others who have lived and is living a meaningful life, shared their experience. In this preview of the interviews, we will be sharing what my guest Pat Matson had to say on the topic of: What is meaningful living? Is it some thing that we can acquire or is it some thing we were gifted with at birth?
Here are a few questions that guided the discussion: 
  1. How do you achieve meaningful living? Is it a gift from God or can everyone achieve it?
  2. What are some actions or attributes that an individual who is living meaningfully display? 
  3. Are self-love, high self-esteem, a high self-concept, high self-confidence and a high self-worth, characteristics of a person who lives a meaningful life?
  4. How important is having support in living a meaningful life? 
  5. What advice can you give to some one who will like to achieve this life path — what are some things you must do
This interview schedule guided the discussion with the guest with a bit of modification in term of wording and not meaning to keep the discussion personable and relaxing. They were the main theme, but varied according to experiences of the person, as a result additional questions were administered. We hope that you listen to the audio and garner a better understanding of what meaningful living is about. Through this discussion, you will learn that to live meaningfully, is to live a life doing what you love. People are more important to them, and they also value and appreciate the environment and the world around them. Doing what you love and not subscribing to society’s norms and value system. It enables you to find that path way to live your life meaningfully.

Here are some questions that was posed by the radio host to Pat and here are her responses:

Question: How do you achieve meaningful living? Is it a gift from God or can everyone achieve it? 
Pat: That is a powerful question; first of all, achieving meaningful living has to be important to you, because you have to make it a priority in your life. For me gaining an understanding about life was my all time most important thing to do, I thought that honouring God was the most important thing I thought that I could do which led me to becoming a nun; so you have to make it first place. Secondly you have to educate yourself as to the best way you can accomplished meaningful living and you have to in the second step
you have to unfold a ton of truths, and embrace it and imbue it into yourself, and thirdly, and this is not what some of the young people don't see you have to persevere doggedly meaningfully happens during the long hall and not in fleeting moments.

Question: Is self- love, self-confidence and high self-worth has anything to do with achieving this stage of growth or life path? Are they attributes that one must acquire to achieve meaningful living?

Pat: Yes, and that is the way it happened to me. I went from a green bean and knowing very little about myself; until older when I gained this magnificent understanding. . . And I cherish it beyond words; so I guess I will answer will say yes! Self-love, high self-concept and high self-confidence . . . it takes all three to achieve living life meaningfully. I am not sure it is true for everyone and I suspect it happens to everyone . . . It did not happened when I first started but I am now living a life that is meaningful. So life is individualistic and I know that everyone of us comes to our truth through our own individual — this is what happened to me — this is what happened on my path. 

Question: What advice can you give to some one who will like to achieve this life path?

Pat: Simple begin. Make it the priority in your life. Bring your self-back to it when you get lazy. Persevere during the long hall . . . so keep on keeping on with it.

I will like to end with a quote:
Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. ~ Mark Twain

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