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Business Showcase: Dr. Carol Soloway

Dr. Carol Soloway is a business woman who retired after running a successful professional business for over 30 years. Dr. Carol Soloway is a Chiropractor who successfully managed her own business and who recently decided that rather than retire, transitioned to becoming a writer. Dr. Soloway believes that passion is needed in entrepreneurship. 

Here are some questions and the responses of Dr. Carol Soloway about her business and her perception of her entrepreneurial journey.

Is passion needed to run a successful business?

Without passion, you have no business. I started my chiropractic practice 30 years ago. In order to start my chiropractic practice, I sold my house — the only thing I got in the divorce, moved into an apartment and put all of the funds into the build-outs, security deposit, and one year’s operating expenses. I knew I had one year to make it or lose everything — oh — I also had $10.000 in student loans. Since we’d just moved to California, I knew no one. I was completely alone — parents deceased and no friends within 3000 miles. I started to network; I joined every women’s group I could find and connected one woman to the other. 

My network was built around the connections made at the meetings — corporate attorney, accountant, dentist and every professional group I could access. I even had a will drawn up although I had nothing to leave to my children. There were nights that I slept in the office, but within one year, I broke even and within three years, the practice grossed over six figures. After 15 years, my son came into the practice and I started to do more medical legal report writing and reviews. It took off due to my “over studying.” I now have all of the medical legal work I want and am booked up six weeks in advance entitled Sex Happens.  

What ignited your passion for business? And how did your keep your passion burning? 

I will attribute it to a very strong belief in myself and proving I could make it. After failing at “happily-ever-after” and getting divorced, I decided I had to succeed. My business depended on me and no one else. What kept my passion burning? It used to be an incredible sense of helping people find relief from pain.

After transitioning from your chiropractic practice, what have you been doing?

I am a medical legal evaluator and I do it for the intellectual challenge and monetary reward it brings — which makes it harder to keep me motivated, but my real passion is my novel, SEX HAPPENS. SEX HAPPENS is as gut wrenching as Eat, Pray, Love and as titillating as Fifty Shades of Gray which I am working on getting it published. 

To listen to some of the challenges that Dr. Soloway faced as an entrepreneur including divorce and managing and growing a business singlehandedly. You will also hear how she dealt with them. I invite you to join her on this pod cast below.

These are some questions that framed the discussion she had with Dr. Cheryl Cottle on Women in Business Radio.
  1. Can you provide us with some details of your background, to fully understand your journey and experience?
  2. What are some challenges that you faced in your business, in spite of the success you have made?
  3. What are some strategies that provided the success you have gained?
  4. What are some strategies and techniques that you wished you used in the earlier phase of the development of your business? 
  5. How important is support What was your support circle and how did it assisted you?
  6. What can you say to a woman entrepreneur who is now getting into business, so that she does not make the same mistakes that you have made? 
  7. Do you believe a woman entrepreneur needs computer technology to manage and operate her business effectively? Why is it an essential tool?
  8.  Do you believe that social media a great place to increase her knowledge base in business and at the same time increase her networking capabilities? 
  9.  If you have to advice a woman on business expansion, do you believe that global business development is an option for North America business women?

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